Background & Triathlon

Call me Klara, born 26.06.1994 in Karlstad, Sweden.
My mum is from Sweden, therefore I speak fluently swedish and once a year we use to visit our swedish family where my mum’s from. I love this country, i love the people and it’s beautiful and I would like to spend more time there!

Sport has always been a part of my life. As a 5-year-old kid i started skiing and dancing. My dad was a long time my ski coach, but I already quit when I was 12 because I didn’t like it anymore. (so so cold.. brr.. and at this time I didn’t want to train so much.)

I love dancing. All sorts, Ballett, Hip Hop, Step and Modern. We were a great team of 16 girls, who took part in different competitions and I can’t say that we weren’t successful. Austrian National Champs, European Champs and we went to Orlando to compete and won the IDC Platin Award.

I also did horse riding (I still love horses, impressive animals) and golf (don’t know why I started, but I think this sport was just too boring.. who wants to walk behind a ball for hours just to put it in a little hole?) haha, no it wasn’t that bad, my brother loves it and he is really good but I need more action 🙂

At the age of 16 I started to train triathlon, which is my biggest passion right now!

Swim, bike, run, lift, eat, sleep, repeat! That’s basically what I do everyday, if you don’t count that I’m an economy student too by the way. 😉

I was 13 when I started with swim practice and 2 years later I took part in my first kids triathlon.
This was maybe the most exhausting thing I’ve done up to this point in my life! Anyway I thought this was a really cool thing I wanted to try and train more for!

So at the age of 16 things started to get more serious and I started to practise more and more.
Compared to others I was very old when I started to train more, which never made things really easy, but I’m always happy when I can see and feel improvement. In this sport you have to be good at three things, which means you need lots of dedication to all three of them, you have to fight against your own little voice in your head, which sometimes just wants to give up after the cycling part because your body is so tired. This is maybe one of the greates things in this sport, every race is a battle against your own potential, to work on three things, to combine these sports in a row which makes it even more challenging!



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