Question to You

Hi guys!In this post I’m simply asking YOU, what would you like to see more here on my blog? I’d appreciate if you could just vote below, and if there’s anything else feel free to leave a comment. 🙂
Have a nice day everyone! Thanks!

Monday morning

Good morning beautiful world! I woke up and the sun was shining, it’s a beautiful day so I’m happy! Today is a new week, with new challenges and lots of work to do! My training for the season 2014 also starts today.. well, almost.. because today I have a restday, so I won’t workout that much today 😉
Have a nice day everyone!


Embrace the morning

Good morning everyone! This morning was so beautiful, so I decided to take my bike up to the lake and have breakfast there. I love lakes so much and I’m just enjoying the sun here.
Afterwards I’ll meet an good old friend in the city and I’m really looking forward to it. We haven’t seen us in ages!
Have a nice day everyone! 😀



Last week we had our last finals and graduated from high school. Today we finally got our school certifications so guess who is super happy! 😀  School is official over and life is gonna be great now! In autumn I’m going to university but right now I’m just gonna workout everyday and enjoy life to its fullest! 🙂




Live more, worry less

I was so sick the last days, I couldn’t even sleep because I was coughing all the time.
Today I’m feelin‘ so much better, I slept the whole night 😀
I couldn’t workout, what’s maybe the worst thing for me, but I have to make the best of it, because I can’t change it anyway.
(That means I have enough time for studying and no excuses.. uff.. )

Yesterday was the last day of school and now I have holidays for a week! Wuhu!
So I’m at home at my parents‘ place right now and already enjoy the luxury living with parents who cook for you 😉


My ‚Vitaminbomb-Breakfast‘ to get over my illness as fast as possible 😉